- Jul 10, 2014 -

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Are you a peliCAN or a peliCANT?

- Jul 03, 2014 -


Customer commission for a “spacey” painting on this pelican case. Tried out some new techniques and materials. Its swimming under 20 coats of clear. ooooh shiney!


the harder they fall

- Jun 23, 2014 -



I gave this painting to two very good friends who recently moved across the country.

ROT_8032_1 ROT_8029_1

Mural Proposal Finalist

- May 23, 2014 -


I’m a finalist for the mural proposal on the Union Arts Cooperative building in Seattle. This is my design that is being considered. Help me get a massive wall for this summer, head over to their web site and give me your vote!





- Feb 15, 2014 -

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