Didnt know I was lost until I was found.

- Jul 30, 2014 -


Banged this out in 4 hours using whatever I could find in Denver. Board from alleyway, Street marking spray paint, wood putty,  house paint, and old magazines. Working outside the comfort zone always produces interesting results for me.


To draw flesh you must first draw bone.

- Jul 18, 2014 -


Painted this while in Chicago.

Everything in this world is in a constant state of change.

- Feb 12, 2014 -


A good friend went to this spot in Thailand. looks like the florescent pink is completely gone and most of the dark red is gone too. in a couple years it will not even be visible. Thanks for the photo Phus!


Skully Faded

- Sep 06, 2013 -


I finished this one late at the Showbox in Phenom Pehn, too dark for a good flick. If you send me a good photo of this I will send you a shirt. Maybe some stickers… who knows.

Beach Piecein’

- Sep 04, 2013 -


Had a great time chilling with the BYEEEE guy  in Bolinas. He did an ARC piece, I painted some boobs as usual.