Floro Pink progress shots

- Jul 09, 2013 -

IMG_5701 copy

D-Smallz took a shitload of photos of me painting when we were in Thailand. Here are a couple showing the progression of this piece. thanks for the flicks man!

IMG_5702 copy


IMG_5705 copy

IMG_5708 copy

IMG_5715 copy

IMG_5718 copy

#Eras #docrot #mural #process

- Jul 08, 2013 -

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Doc Rot has a cool new blog

- Oct 06, 2012 -

Well I have been meaning to get this going for sometime, finally finished it. I plan on using this blog as a means to document and archive the  paintings, stickers, and other walls that i paint. Stuff i dont want to put on the site, but stuff that poeple might find interesting.  I’m also going to add a bunch of older stuff that i ave photos of  so that its documented on here. Lots of process photos and shit too.