Didnt know I was lost until I was found.

- Jul 30, 2014 -


Banged this out in 4 hours using whatever I could find in Denver. Board from alleyway, Street marking spray paint, wood putty,  house paint, and old magazines. Working outside the comfort zone always produces interesting results for me.


Advanced Doodling

- Jul 25, 2014 -



Mixed media in Chicago.



To draw flesh you must first draw bone.

- Jul 18, 2014 -


Painted this while in Chicago.


- Jul 10, 2014 -

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Are you a peliCAN or a peliCANT?

- Jul 03, 2014 -


Customer commission for a “spacey” painting on this pelican case. Tried out some new techniques and materials. Its swimming under 20 coats of clear. ooooh shiney!