B-Boys in Hanoi

- Jun 18, 2013 -

Picture 020

Painted with some Hanoi homies, Zuiboy and Kid Nasty.  Nasty had never painted a piece before, not bad for a first time! He’s also a dope b-boy. I got a flick of him in front of his piece.  Ego’s shorts matched my colors, so he did his b-boy   pose in front of mine. Great day hanging out on my last day in Vietnam. I will return…

Picture 013

Picture 007

Picture 017

Picture 005

Hotel Hanoi

- Jun 18, 2013 -

Picture 026

This is in one of the coolest abandos in a city I have ever been in . This is on the 7th floor of an old hotel. So dope. Thanks to Zunk and Phed for showing me the spot!

Picture 023

Picture 024

Antlerman watching over Hanoi

- Jun 18, 2013 -

Picture 027

Old pieces from Cambodia, with Re-Up

- Jun 18, 2013 -


I forgot Re-up took these photos and sent them to me. Kampot, Cambodia.



Old Cambodia Randos

- Jun 18, 2013 -

Picture 001

 Picture 002