Sydney to Seattle

- Feb 25, 2013 -


Did this piece with Dfiar out of Sydney. Had a great afternoon, chillin, drinking beer, and get some can dragging on. If youre in the Sydney area hit up Dfiar’s graff shop in Liverpool “Tha Bomb”.  Loads of euro paint, and Dfiar is a cool dude.







Under every face there is a skull

- Feb 25, 2013 -


Did this just outside of Sydney




Lowriders in Sydney

- Feb 25, 2013 -


Painted this in Liverpool, just outside of Sydney. Some dude showed up with a lowrider he imported from the states, and some chicks to take photos.  Lowriders in Sydney, never would have thought. its funny that american culture has infiltrated so far.











Slipping into Darkness

- Feb 17, 2013 -


It was difficult to get a good shot of this because it was in an alley. Its probably one of the better things i have painted on this trip.







The Docs Going Deep Bush.

- Feb 17, 2013 -