SHADOWS, solo exhibition at OK Gallery

- Oct 23, 2012 -

New work created for this; large paintings, one small mural, and a little bit of sculpture. Hope to see you there!

New Stickers!!!

- Oct 19, 2012 -

Email me your address and I will send you one of these sticker packs!

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The Psychedelic War Wagon (aka Plan-C)

- Oct 08, 2012 -

doc rot war wagon

I painted this school bus for Ronnie from Wenatchee. It runs on vegetable oil and has been converted to a RV like interior. Was really stoked to help out with his project, and I got a free ride to Burning Man out of it!

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Heron in flight with Eras

- Oct 06, 2012 -

This was a collaboration between me and Eras MFK. It was part of the Jackson Street Mural Project. We slammed this out in 4 days like the OG mural painters we are. Its in the parking lot of this mini mart on Jackson and 20th. Lots of people were coming and going constantly, which led to some pretty funny shit. Watching Eras scream at some idiot driver to stop before he ran over some paint cans was definitely a highlight. if you’re in Seattle go check it out, photos never do justice.

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Doc Rot has a cool new blog

- Oct 06, 2012 -

Well I have been meaning to get this going for sometime, finally finished it. I plan on using this blog as a means to document and archive the  paintings, stickers, and other walls that i paint. Stuff i dont want to put on the site, but stuff that poeple might find interesting.  I’m also going to add a bunch of older stuff that i ave photos of  so that its documented on here. Lots of process photos and shit too.